ICT STREAMS in ECOC 2019, Dublin, Ireland

ICT STREAMS was present in the 45th European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) that took place in Dublin, Ireland during 22-26 September 2019 with a 3 regular talks and one talk in the 7th Int. Symposium for Optical Interconnects in Datacenters that was held within ECOC 2019.

The titles of the talks were:

  1. "Silicon Photonic Transceiver and routing technologies for Datacom & Computercom Interconnects", Int. Symposium for OIs in DCs, presented by Dr. Nikos Pleros
  2. "Cross-Talk Aware Channel Allocation For All-To-All Optical Interconnects In Sub-Optimal AWGR Devices", W.3.D.1, presented by Mr. Stelios Pitris (A.U.TH.)
  3. "A 160Gb/s (4x40) WDM O-band Tx subassembly using a 4-ch array of Silicon Rings co-packaged with a SiGe BiCMOS IC driver", W.2.B.2, presented by Mr. Miltiadis Moralis-Pegios (A.U.TH.)
  4. "53 GBd PAM-4 DAC-Less Low-Power (1.5 pJ/b) Silicon Integrated Transmitter", Th.2.A.1, HIGHLY SCORED, presented by Mr. Joris Lambrecht (Ghent University-imec, IDLab)